Mother Earth’s Warriors

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ROARSEERS– Sinewy, waifish creatures hewn from soil and undergrowth that resemble ambulatory pricker-bushes and collect skin and blood on their spindly bodies during battle, gradually bleeding their enemies as they attack their with razor teeth. Their barbed coating is strong enough to puncture even the notoriously thick hide of the Lizardmen.

WATER-BORNE– The Water-Borne are monstrously swirled with river weeds and ice chunks hang from their limbs as they run, spitting streams of water cold enough to flay flesh on contact, or warm enough to boil it.

MOSSGORLONS– Stumpy and vicious, the Mossgorlons are Mother Earth’s heavy-powered chargers. They battle with bladed wooden arms wrenched forward. These sharpened arms bruise bone and create deep surface wounds. As they are wood coated gas pockets from the inner-Earth, Mossgorlons are highly combustable. Their detonations during death send flames in a ten-foot blast radius and jettison burnt wood shards twenty feet further.