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LIZARDMEN– Ancient and remorseless creatures, Lizardmen were Mother Earth’s first attempt at creating a being cognizant of its own impending death. She hoped the knowledge of a finite existence would lead to compassion and a questioning of one’s purpose, instead the Lizardmen became angry at Mother Earth for their imperfect creation and fled her presence, burrowing deep into the ground where their malice and misunderstanding brewed in excess. Mother Earth continued her efforts and finally realized her goal with the creation of Man. Upon learning of Mother Earth’s success, the Lizardmen, with jealousy in their hearts, plotted against Man to spite Mother Earth and force her to partake in the grieving that now fills their existence.

First documented extensively by Brom of the Seven Bravest, Lizardmen were hatched from soft shells lain at least three feet long and according to Brom’s Tomes, grew rapidly. They reached seven feet tall within a week and often continued to grow to nine feet at full maturity. They were defined facially by curved split-jaws, nasal horns and limpid metallic eyes as depicted in several of Brom’s ink sketches. Their mouths were gravel-textured, cavernous, and could open very wide to reveal rows of teeth, several of which secreted a toxic yellow venom which ate through flesh. The scales of the Lizardmen were a latticed green-grey patchwork in unique geometric patterns distinctly pyramidal in shape. The scales allegedly became further interlocked during battle, in a worthy defense mechanism comparable to donning a suit of armor over already durable battle-wear. As they were equipped with flattened toes, Lizardmen were rumored to have taken pleasure skimming across water where their prey swam in terror and leisurely decapitating them with their swords. The swords preferred by the Lizardmen were zigzagging scabbards, ivory in color, and forged deep within the chasms of the Northern Realms where fires within the Earth’s surface supplied an unparalleled heat for folding steel and fortifying blades.