Double Muscled Heifer

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DOUBLE MUSCLED HIEFERS– are brutish bovine-human creatures with hefty dark flesh and hardened molten-like hide sprouting patches of gray-black hairs. They are moaning lurid creatures who stand a monstrous six feet wide and eight feet tall. These beasts are comprised of two bulls and a muscular human, contorted and enlarged by Adaminic-means along a single spine. Their principle weapons are their large upper arms with half cloven hands that offer massive bludgeoning capabilities. One arm may smash a skull as the other throttles an unlucky enemy. The Double-Muscled Heifers lack a centrally-governing intelligence, instead receiving input stimulus from each of the three consciousnesses embedded within them. The human consciousness is dwarfed by the animal impulses of the dual bulls, resulting in much longer periods of aggressive behavior than moments of reflection, yet they do occur, usually near dusk when the Double-Muscled Heifers may be seen uprooting trees or preforming self scarification with an air of certain remorse about their movements, as though they have recognized, if only for a brief instant, the rage and futility of their creation.