Chaplain Ross

High Priest and General throughout the Great War, Chaplain Ross has served as Patriarch of Addletown since eradicating the Alchemists. Of medium height, Chaplain Ross stands erect, as though constantly at attention. He is muscular with shrewd glassy eyes, finely-hewn cheekbones and a sharp nose. He nears middle age and has consequently softened slightly from his lack of battle since the war, yet his hubris prevents him from admitting it. As his cruel benedictions carry infallible weight and are backed by the iron rule of his infamous Holy Guard, Chaplain Ross has maintained totalitarian control over Addletown for the past thirteen years. Following the war, the Chaplain implemented Abraham’s stockpile of gold to both rebuild the town and fuel his opulent lifestyle.

On the surface, the town functions smoothly. Beyond the veneer, however, the late Abraham’s gold has diminished and Addletown’s prosperity is severely limited. Chaplain Ross remains a vastly egotistic man, continuing to indulge his elegant whims at the expense of his subjects who are guilted into donating money to the Abbey as they starve. Nevertheless, many Addletownians feel so indebted to Chaplain Ross for the peace he bestowed upon them that they are content to starve if it means paying homage to a man who brought them gracefully from a war which plagued their collective consciousness for centuries.