Anatomiche della Specola

A hidden treasure across the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy, this museum is one of the direct inspirations that will be used for the look and feel of Adaboy in its Sculpted Novel format. This museum of Anatomy features several dozen life size figure sculptures made entirely of wax, as well as a selection of incredibly detailed dioramas depicting scenes from the plague.

I love the intimacy of the dioramas. It offers a giants-eye perspective into this unique and active world. The strong depth of field which natural comes when viewing scenes of this small scale will weigh heavily on the final look and feel of our images.

Another compelling element of the sculptures is the way the light interacts with the wax surfaces. The translucency combined with a strong highlight creates a unique and appealing look that accentuates the form development and will play well in our richly details scenes. Due to small scale of the diorama sculptures, the wax also allows for large amounts of light to pass through its surface, adding a unique and compelling appeal for the viewer.