Adam Lamark

The Second son of Abraham Lamarck, is ridiculed and universally abhorred by the Addletownians for the roll his father played in leading the Alchemists against the Holly Order in The Great War thirteen years ago. The only person who truly cares for Adam is his elder brother, Erasmus. Adam spends much of his time emulating Erasmus’ erudition and practical manner. Adam is intelligent, perhaps more so than he truly believes, receiving perfunctory education from Chaplain Ross and comprehensive lessons in Alchemic tinkering from Erasmus. Sadly, these academic advantages have yet to manifest in any recognizable way as Adam remains withdrawn from his peers. Though he attempts to avoid confrontation with the Junior Guard, Adam is constantly ridiculed as the “Adaboy,” or “the boy born from Adamine” a pejorative monicker applied to him by the townsfolk as a cruel reminder of Abraham’s blasphemous attempts to infiltrate the realm of God by creating his own Adamine.

Due to his intelligence and Lamarckian lineage, Adam is of special importance to Chaplain Ross. Chaplain Ross is using Adam and Erasmus to recreate Adamine, The Elixir of Life, although the Chaplain reports to his subjects that he simply wishes to unlock the secrets to create gold for the fortification of Addletown. The bond between Chaplain Ross and Adam extends to the very first moments of the boy’s life, as Chaplain Ross raised Adam from his mother’s remains and has rarely let him from his sight in the ensuing years.

Physically, Adam is gaunt but beginning to develop a desirable musculature as he enters into adolescence. His facial features are softened by tenacious traces of baby fat causing him undue ridicule from chiseled boys like Arch Abbleton. Forced like many of Addletown’s youth to be a member of the Chaplain’s hand-selected Junior Holly Guard, Adam trains for several hours each day, running wind sprints in the Abbey work-yard or engaging in calisthenics exercises and swordsmanship training led by Gren Bardic, acting General of The Holly Guard. Due to the time constraints of his Alchemical duties, Adam lacks the strength and endurance of many boys his age whose past times include non-adult sanctioned competitions of will and brute force.

Adam dreams of escaping his current sorrows with his brother Erasmus, traveling far from Addletown and the Alchemic stigma which haunts him. Unfortunately, Adam is stuck until Erasmus feels they have repaid their life-debt to the Chaplain.